The First Step

At our first meeting we love to hear your thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams of what you have envisioned your home to be like. You may have a very clear vision of what it will be, or you may have one photo you have saved for years that you are drawn to. We listen to you and in turn help you take the first step towards making your dreams a reality.

Site Analysis

Site analysis is an important first step when designing. We like to have an on-site meeting with all that are involved to discuss the benefits and potential obstacles the existing building presents.

Preliminary Design

Our in house designer creates a preliminary design based off of your dreams, wants and needs, the site visit and your respected budget. At this time we continue to communicate with our team, making sure nothing has been missed and we are coming in on budget.

Scope of Work

At this point we develop a scope of work so everybody involved in the project knows exactly what is expected. This eliminates any confusion during the construction process.

Architectural Design

Furthering the preliminary designs into build-prints happens once we are in agreement on the overall scope of work, design and budget.


You are becoming very familiar with your future home at this point. You may be dreaming of the stone fireplace or the in-floor heat. How do we know what you are dreaming?


Together we create a spec book to accompany your prints. This book contains every detail that is going into the remodel of your home. We go through each space and discuss what materials are involved from floor to ceiling. Not only does this help you to better envision your home, it helps us to fully understand your vision and eliminate the need for possible change orders. With an experienced and creative team surrounding you we are able to help guide you through all the design decisions. We present many creative ways to stay on budget without sacrificing artistic finishes.

Interior Design

Our experienced designer is a part of your project from beginning to end. She will help you through each and every decision there is to make from windows and roofing to faucets and flooring. Her design process is done in phases to simplify the sometimes overwhelming amount of decisions to be made through the project. She breaks it into 4 design phases starting with the decisions that need to be made first, such as exterior finishes, and ending in the accents, such as bathroom mirrors and accessories. Through this time she is very sensitive to cost and the overall design scheme. Her talents also include being an amazing artist and she is able to sketch out her vision or yours in a matter of seconds. This is very helpful when it comes to making on-site decisions and to help you better understand a space.


This is the point of your project where big things start to happen. We have finalized the design of your home, given you a realistic schedule, pulled a permit and are ready to start demolition. Throughout the remodeling process we pride ourselves in keeping a great working relationship and being excellent communicators. We send weekly updates accompanied with progress photos. If you are out of state or are not able to make it out to the project, these are wonderful ways to stay involved in the day to day progress. We surround ourselves with the best, most experienced and honest subcontractors in the industry. While trusting us with your home we make sure each and every person that steps into your project is respectful to you and your home. We also ensure they are amazing at what they do. We believe you get what you pay for and it is better to get things done right the first time. We are committed to delivering the finest quality home.